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PhOL - PharmacologyOnLine

Published:April, 30
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      Title Pages Size(kB)
1.pdf Pharmacologyonline 2013 volume 1 Archives - Cover
PhOL Editorial Board
0-0 614
2.pdf Migraine and Epistaxis: Clinical and Therapeutic Evidences
V. Pizza, G. Volpe, A. Agresta, V. Busillo, A. Capasso
1-6 543
3.pdf The effect of Zonisamide in prophylaxis therapy in episodic and chronic cluster headache
V. Pizza, V. Busillo, A.Capasso
7-11 564
4.pdf Apolipoprotein E gene polymorphisms and migraine
V. Pizza, F. Infante, G. Schiavo, A. Agresta, V. Mallamaci, C. Colucci d'Amato, A. Capasso
12-17 517
5.pdf Food Intolerance in Migraine
V. Pizza, M. Mainenti, S. Iannuzzi, A. Agresta, D. Cassano, C. Colucci d'Amato, A. Capasso
18-24 636
6.pdf Impaired oxidative balance in migraine: the evidence from dROMs test and BAP test
V. Pizza, A. Agresta, E.L. Iorio, A. Capasso
25-28 474
7.pdf Factor XIII Val 34 Leu polymorphism and migraine
V. Pizza, F. Infante, G. Schiavo, V. Mallamaci, A. Agresta, C. Colucci d’Amato, A. Capasso
29-33 501
8.pdf Parkinson’s disease and oxidative stress: evaluation by BAP and d-ROMs tests
V. Pizza, E. Iorio, A. Capasso
34-38 480
9.pdf Magnesium, L-Tryptophan and Niacin in Prophylaxis Therapy of Pediatric Migraine
V. Pizza, V. Busillo, S. Iannuzzi, A. Agresta, D. Cassano, A. Capasso
39-46 665
10.pdf Binge Eating Disorder Treatment with Topiramate in a Patient with Bipolar Disorder
Walter Milano, Francesco Blasi, Luca Milano, Giovanni Nolfe, Anna Capasso
47-50 468
11.pdf Anorexia nervosa treatment with olanzapine
Walter Milano, Giovanni Nolfe, Luca Milano, Anna Capasso
51-54 419
12.pdf The efficacy of Duloxetine in Bulimia nervosa
Milano Walter, Nolfe Giovanni, Milano Luca, Capasso Anna
55-57 509
13.pdf Synthesis, characterization and anticancer evaluation of some novel n-[2-(substitutedphenyl)-5-methyl-4-oxo-1,3-thiazolidin-3-yl]benzamides
G. Nagalakshmi, T.K. Maity, B.C. Maiti
58-76 1129
14.pdf Designing of amino acids and their interactions in to unique tripeptide conformations for developing new peptide pharmaceuticals using Ramachandran plot
K. Nagarajan, Salil Tiwari, M. Sudaroli, Jitendra Singh, Ashutosh Mishra, Smita Verma, L.K. Ghosh
77-88 2549
15.pdf Cytotoxic screening of Entada scandense seeds on brine shrimp
Suharto Chakma, M. Amirul Islam, ASM. Nasirullha, Mahfuzur Rahman
89-92 526
16.pdf Bioactivity studies on Barringtonia racemosa (lam.) bark
Sanjib Saha, Kishore Kumar Sarkar, Md. Lokman Hossain, Arif Hossin, Apurba Kumar Barman, Md. Iqbal Ahmed, Samir Kumar Sadhu
93-100 630
17.pdf Development of sustained release matrix tablet of nitroglycerin containing hydrophilic polymers
T. Afroza, M.A. Hossain, M.M.H. Chowdhury, S. Ahmed, F. Afroze, S. Ramproshad
101-112 1245
18.pdf Preliminary evaluation of the acute toxicity related to Abarema auriculata to mice and investigation of cytotoxicity of isolated flavonones
D.Fernandes Gusmão,D.Mimoto Estork,M.L.Barradas Paciencia,I.E.Collantes Díaz,S.A.Frana,P.Andreotti Rodrigues,I.B.Suffredini,A.Drauzio Varella,R.Naim Younes,L.F.Lima Reis,E.F. de S.Montero,M.M.Bernardi
113-127 778
19.pdf Protective effect of Heracleum persicum alcoholic extract against diazinon-induced spatial memory impairment of rat
Z. Faraji, S.M. Banan Khojasteh, H. Hatami
128-134 606
20.pdf Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activities of an Ethnobotanically Important Plant Holmskioldia sanguinea Retz. of District Kotli, Azad Jammu & Kashmir
Muhammad Ajaib, Nazish Javed, Ejaz Hussain Siddiqi
135-143 933
21.pdf Comparative pharmacological and phytochemical studies of the dried and fresh green tea leaves grown in Bangladesh
Repon Kumer Saha, Nabila Nusrat Siddiqui, Priyanka Roy, Md. Amran Howlader, Apurba Sarker Apu
144-154 707
22.pdf Biological assessment on Cerbera manghas (linn.)
A.S.M. Monjur-Al-Hossain, Sumon Sarkar, Sanjib Saha, Md. Lokman Hossain, Md. Mahadhi Hasan
155-160 606
23.pdf Assessment of DPPH free radical scavenging activity of some medicinal plants
Md. Asadujjaman, Md. Aslam Hossain, Utpal Kumar Karmakar
161-165 653
24.pdf Assessment of antioxidant and analgesic activity of Acrostichum aureum Linn. (Family- Pteridaceae)
Shams Ara Khan, Md. Aslam Hossain, Sandesh Panthi, Md. Asadujjaman, Arif Hossin
166-171 528
25.pdf Bacopa monnieri inhibits locomotor hyperactivity induced by morphine without altering noradrenaline
Khalid Rauf, Fazal Subhan, Ghulam Abbas, Gowhar Ali, Syed Mobasher Ali Abid, Usman Arshad, Muhammad Junaid Hassan Sharif
172-181 829
26.pdf Hypoglycemic, antioxidant and hepato- and nephroprotective effects of Teucrium orientale in streptozotocin diabetic rats
G. Dehghan, N. Tahmasebpour, M. A. Hosseinpour Feizi, F. Sheikhzadeh, S. M. Banan Khojasteh
182-189 811
27.pdf Investigation of antimicrobial potential of some thiazolyl chalcone derivatives
Richa Mishra, Surendra Jain
190-193 575
28.pdf Methanol extract of Allanblackia gabonensis (Guttiferacae) prevents hypertension and oxidative stress induced by chronic sucrose consumption in rat
Bilanda Danielle Claude, Andomo Mewo Yannic Désiré, Dzeufiet Djomeni Paul Désiré, Azebaze Anatole Guy Blaise, Kamtchouing Pierre, Dimo Théophile
194-200 870
29.pdf Antitubercular activities of five Medicinal Plants against Two Strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
O.A. Osiyemi, H.K. Adesokan, S.I.B. Cadmus, E.O. Ajaiyeoba, O.A. Itiola
201-205 545
30.pdf Mass spectra analysis of H. sabdariffa L anthocyanidins and their in silico corticosteroid-binding globulin interactions
Omotuyi, I.O.; Elekofehinti, O.O.; Ejelonu O.C.; Obi, F.O
206-217 1111
31.pdf Evaluation of Reproductive toxicity caused by Indigo carmine on male swiss albino mice
Aparna Dixit, R. P. Goyal
218-224 863
32.pdf Growth of Dioscorea membranacae Pierre ex Prain & Burkill and dioscorealide B content at different harvest times
Panumart Rithichai, Arunporn Itharat, Yaowapha Jirakiattikul, Srisopa Ruangnoo
225-229 588
33.pdf Pharmacological studies on Glycosmis pentaphylla (corr.) whole plant
Kishore Kumar Sarkar, Md. Lokman Hossain, Arif Hossin, Himangsu Mondal, A.S.M. Monjur-Al-Hossain, Md. Iqbal Ahmed, Samir Kumar Sadhu
230-236 592
34.pdf Phytochemical and pharmacological investigation of Viscum monoicum (whole plant)
Foyaj Ahmmed, Kishore Kumar Sarkar, Md. Lokman Hossain, Arif Hossin, Himangsu Mondal, Jahidul Islam, Md. Iqbal Ahmed
237-243 667
35.pdf Analgesic, antioxidant and antibacterial activity of Smilax zeylanica linn. (family - smilacaceae)
Md. Aslam Hossain, Sanjib Saha, Md. Asadujjaman, Shams Ara Khan
244-250 599

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